He's irreverent, he's ironic, he doesn't hold back and now he has a book out.

The essential retrospective of the work of acclaimed visual artist and singer-songwriter Terry Allen, with essays including one previously unpublished, by leading cultural critic Dave Hickey and more than 200 superb illustrations. Pick up a copy today at www.utexaspress.com
If you are in or near Kansas City, MO on July 9th, 2010 Terry Will be at the Belger Arts Center for a book signing!

Terry Allen has made a career out of creating art based on how things are- not how they ought to be. Terry's background includes musical and theatrical performance, sculpture, painting, drawing, video, installation, and radio works. His sculpture pops up in the most unusual places- from Los Angeles' Citicorp Plaza, to San Francisco's Moscone Center to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He's received numerous awards and honors- including Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships. Then there's his music. Terry's recorded several provocative albums of original rock with Texan accent and attitude. Bizarre characters and biting observations- along with insights and inside jokes- populate his songs. Instead of offending simply for the sake of being rude, Terry points out hypocrisy (which some may find offensive). However, that being said, his music also shows an unexpected compassion. Whether it is his music, sculpture, or opinion, Terry goes all out. "Allen defies categorization; if you had to file him somewhere, it might be as 'soundtracks for movies that haven't been made yet'... Allen is utterly uncompromising, profoundly unsettling even at his most cheerful, and one of the most important musical voices around. " -Boston Globe

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